New Clients Currently Being Accepted

Amy Armstrong, LPC

If you knew me while I was still in Westfield, NJ, you know that this page looks very different. I've moved to a new city, new state, and now, a new platform for my website. I know! It's a lot of change. Deep breaths though: everything is going to be okay.

Eventually, this website will be even more fabulous than the previous website. It should also load a lot faster. In the interim, here are the basics:

My new address where I see clients is at Insight Counseling Center located at 930 North Logan Street, Denver, CO 80203. I can be reached at (720) 772-6108 or via email

Just an fyi, if you don't see my bio on Insight Counseling Center's page yet, don't panic. I am affiliated with them. I just joined the practice and I'm still updating all of my information. I am currently booking clients. At the moment, I am in-network with Cigna. I hope to be contracted with other insurance companies soon. For now, anyone who does not have Cigna will need to be seen out-of-network. However, a superbill can be provided upon request so that you can be reimbursed if you have out-of-network benefits and/or an FSA.

Currently, I have availability on Thursdays and Fridays. This will expand as my caseload grows, but that is what we are working with for now. If you are interested in setting an appointment and are going to use insurance benefits, please note that I will need to provide the biller with your first name and last name (as it appears on your policy) as well as your date of birth and your insurance member ID, so please have that information handy.


Intake Paperwork

New clients with a booked appointment will need to complete some intake paperwork before our first meeting. This paperwork needs to be printed out and completed by hand. Please do not email this paperwork back. You may download the PDF with all required forms here.